Which live casino games are most updated and modern – NetEnt vs Evolution

Live casino games are the hot new attraction of online casinos, these days! For anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of online gambling that looks and feels very much like the traditional casino experience, live dealer games are becoming the norm. If you haven’t tried this new modern type of online casino entertainment, you could be missing out on something you’ll love!

Are you looking to join the live dealer game evolution that’s taking the online casino uk galaxies by storm? This article will provide an overview of the two leading live casino operators now available on the uk market. Here you’ll learn about their offering that includes the best live dealer games available for your enjoyment.

Read the following sections to learn which provider suits you best, and join the action through your favored live casino operator!

Evolution Gaming Reinvented Online Casino Entertainment With Live Dealer Casinos

It was thanks to the concentrated efforts of Evolution Gaming that live dealer casinos became popular in recent years. This developer joined the online casino industry at a time when the market for casino game developers was saturated, so they decided to try a very unique and innovative angle: what if online gamblers could enjoy life-like casino games through a real video feed featuring an actual dealer?

Evolution Gaming set out to make live casino games possible by creating specialized video recording studios and hiring dozens of professional dealers, asking them to perform as usual in front of the cameras. By doing so, they orchestrated a new way to experience online casino entertainment that feels more natural and realistic. The live casino game streams are available on HD video and all video feeds have high production values that make for an extremely appealing and enjoyable experience.

The dealers simply perform as they normally do in a regular casino, except they don’t get to see the player. You, on the other hand, are allowed to interact with the dealers, in what effectively feels like watching a video stream of a real world casino. All video streams are certified by independent casino gaming authorities to ensure the available gambling experience is genuinely fair.

At this point, available live casino titles from Evolution Gaming cover most of the popular casino games including multiple variants of Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat. They also have a very popular game that plays very much like the popular TV show “Wheel of Fortune”; it’s called Live Dream Catcher.

With this innovative approach, not only did Evolution Gaming invent the live casino concept – they also popularized it and pretty much invented the standard live casino games format. But as you’ll learn in the next section, it didn’t take long before a major game developer decided to make their bid to control the emerging and highly promising live casino market.

NetEnt Live is on a Mission to Become the Leading Live Dealer Game Provider

Once Live Casino games started taking off and forming and explosive new niche, it would obviously be a matter of time until one of the biggest players already established in casino game development would want to join the fun. That’s exactly what happened when the massively popular NetEnt announced the creation of its NetEnt Live department, dedicated to the development and further refinement of live casino games.

That’s exactly what they accomplished, by taking the formula introduced by Evolution Gaming and improving on as many aspects as possible: from the production values, to the available games, to the final presentation. Most notably, NetEnt Live introduced 3D style video feeds – which bring the player even deeper into the action. Through a clever sense of design in the way the game menus and items are displayed over the video stream, NetEnt Live games really add an extra dimension to the live casino experience that further builds on the illusion of looking into a real casino.

NetEnt Live titles include most of the games you’d expect such as Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Roulette. They also introduced an incredibly popular Live Blackjack version called Live Common Draw Blackjack, while is designed in a very ingenious format that allows for hundreds of players sitting in the same virtual table at once. If you are a big fan of Blackjack and you like trying new experiences, you should definitely try it out!

As you can see, both of these developers are working hard to push the boundaries of the live casino experience and introduce the very best live dealer games available! It’s up to you to decide which offering suits you best, keeping in mind both developers are producing live casino games which are very much worthwhile trying.