How has the live dealer casino revolutionised online gambling?

With the creation of the internet came a sequence of changes that would affect the way we gamble. No longer would we have to spend our time in dark and smokey rooms, paying large rake fees to cover the cost of the owners rent.

Live dealer casinos allow the gamblers to see the dealer through a webcam, retaining the personal touch of a casino but allowing the clients to play from the comfort of their own homes. Live casino games have revolutionised the game, offering the client a level of service that was never previously available.

For many people, the opportunity to play with a live dealer never existed. They may have lived too far from a casino or didn’t feel comfortable playing live in-person. For those people, having a live casino online has given them the opportunity to play the game that they love.

What live casino games are available?

While each online casino will have its own range of unique and sometimes custom games, the classics available are: poker, blackjack and roulette. These three games will make up the majority of the tables available and are the games where having a live dealer can add the most to the experience.

Why do people love the live dealer casino?

Playing at a live casino online has benefits for the dealers and the owners too. One of the biggest costs of casinos is simply the rent of the building. When a client comes to a casino they do so for the whole experience. That often means an expectation of lavish furniture, beautiful staff and a large bar. All of those things cost. But most of all the building has be large enough to hold all of it and in a location that’s convenient for customers to get to.

That comes at a premium. High rents force casino owners to raise prices and rakes on winnings, both of which tarnish the experience for the customer. At online casinos the cost for an owner is far lower, this can translate to lower rakes and therefore larger winnings for the customer.

For both the owner and the gambler, the online experience can often be more enjoyable and more profitable. This is particularly true for those players who are accustomed to busy casinos where they might have to wait hours to play at the table they want to join. With live dealer casinos you are able to easily and quickly join a table that’s playing the game that you want to play.

Before live dealer casinos

Before we had the luxury of live games, most people either played in-person or they would play online without a live dealer. With the latter you lose the personal touch that seeing a real dealer can bring to the table. Plenty of gamblers only play for the social aspect of the game and without a live dealer it can get boring. Live dealer games have revolutionised the experience for those who want to play from home.

For those who are accustomed to playing live, one of the biggest benefits is that winnings are stored and transferred online. We’ve all heard horror stories of winnings being stolen and the fear of walking home with thousands of pounds in cash can be a big deterrent for potential players.


In conclusion, the creation of live casinos online has revolutionised the gambling experience for not only the gambler themselves, but also for the owners and the staff. It allows for a better experience for everyone involved and reduces some of the physical risks associated with gambling in live casinos. For those looking for a social experience from the comfort of their own home there is little competition. Energetic and fun live dealers have taken online gambling from a boring pixelated game to a two-way social experience.