What are requirements on casino free spins?

Coming up with a promotion or bonus that suits both the business and the customer isn’t always a simple thing, but casino free spins comes close. If you’re not familiar with the structure, it’s when an online casino gives a free spin bonus for signing up, usually with an initial deposit. This lets the casino attract new business while also letting the customer try out the games without risk.

However, many of these free spin bonuses have wagering requirements, which means that the bonus ‘cash’ cannot be claimed by the user until it has been wagered a certain amount of times, usually 30+. Though this still gives the user a chance to play and learn the site, this set-up is where things are starting to change.

Changing toward no wager free spins

Online casinos have a lot of competition. With so many people vying for the marketplace, unpopular bonuses have to go. Because of this, some of the ‘too good to be true’ bonuses are disappearing, replaced by those that have more value to you, the customer.

A major example of that is the tendency toward no wager free spins that we see more and more in the industry. This means that there are no wagering requirements with the bonus spins; you do not have to continue to wager over and over to claim your winnings.

This gives the whole bonus more value, as it is now about more than sounding good and being a good practice mechanism for newcomers. Now there are many sites who offer actual value for their spins, and that means you can pick and choose to select the best site that offers what you need.

Playing without wagering requirements: what to look for

There are always conditions on a sign-up bonus or any kind of promotion. After all, the company wishes you to use their site above all others, but giving you something for free doesn’t always achieve that. It might make you move on to another site with another free spin promotion.

Because of that, many sites have requirements to help you get used to the site and learn to love it so that loyalty becomes more important than moving on to the next site. By providing you with free spins without these requirements, online casinos have a neat solution to that problem. It gives you the chance to learn the best way to play the games available to you and it also gives the site a chance to prove it’s better than the others that fight for your attention.

When you’re playing without wager requirements on your free spins, there will be rules around what you can do with the spins or the wins. There may be specific slots or games you can use, or there might be a certain timeframe. These guidelines work as encouragement for you and are also beneficial to the company.

Sometimes the bonus spins result in cashable winnings which of course is an excellent perk to have. However, many offer the winnings as bonus cash, which means that from your initial free spins you generate more winnings to use within the site. Though this is different from cashable winnings in that you cannot withdraw it, it’s a great way to win some more time on the games that you love.

Make sure that your free spins are useful to you by checking out all these details and make sure whatever you pick is aligned with what you’re looking for in your gaming experience.

Making the most of it

Don’t forget that this is all for fun, and you should pick the games and bonuses that are the most fun for you as an individual. In such a competitive marketplace, there are plenty of bonuses that will work with your priorities so check them out and look for the best for you. As time goes on and wagering requirements become less popular and maybe even a thing of the past, the bonuses are going to get even better for you and all the players like you.