Online Slot Provider Quickspin’s Updated Software Engine

Allow us to introduce you to the Swedish gaming studio Quickspin, which as of now is a Playtech Group company following a recent acquisition, and explain the fantastic features of their updated Quickspin Slots and Quickspin Casino software engine. Quickspin is made up of 60 experienced staff members and the main focus of the studio is on the development of high-quality, feature-rich video slots for real-money gambling and free-to-play game markets. The Quickspin custom software platform allows for the integration of Quickspin slots and Quickspin casino games within customer casinos. The platform is packed full of fantastic and innovative promotional tools which ensure that new customers are attracted to the platform and that existing customers are retained.

Playtech Casino

Playtech is a leading gambling sector company and is responsible for the supply of software and services to more than 130 international licensees. This includes leading online and mobile licensees, lotteries, and even retail operators. Playtech’s commercially-driven and intelligent, feature-rich gambling software allows for diverse scenarios ranging from casino games and live casinos, to bingo and to even sports betting. Playtech has a great level of expertise in multi-channel gambling and customers are able to benefit from Playtech’s unrivalled level of experience in marketing, CRM solutions and customers can even benefit from their expertise in full turnkey solutions, where these are required.

Achievement Engine

So which new features are in Quickspin’s updated software engine? The new engine, which Quickspin have called the “Achievements Engine”, is designed to ensure that players enjoy an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding Quickspin slots and Quickspin casino experience. The fantastic new engine features six unique game events within the supplier’s slots. Players are rewarded with Quickspin Tokens whenever a unique game event occurs. One of the most innovative features is that game Achievements can occur over four levels and the reward pay-outs happen at each of these levels. Should players wish to do so, they are able to cash in their tokens and this causes the game to display the game’s amazing bonus feature, which is unique to each game. In most cases, this will be free spins, but the bonus feature can also be re-spins or side games. This feature is sure to maximise the player’s entertainment. A further innovative tool is in the ability of players to track their overall progress using a specific page within each of the Quickspin slots. Although this is a relatively simple tool, this is a fantastic addition and maximises the player’s entertainment and overall experience. How does it do that? This feature returns part of the players’ expected losses.

Quickspin Slots

The first Quickspin Slots game to benefit from the fantastic new Achievements Engine is Sakura Fortune, which is a 4×5 40-line slot game. In Sakura Fortune, the story features a heroine who is on a journey to riches and treasure, but who comes up against a horde of evil emperors who are determined to stop her at every step of the game. Players will enjoy unique and fantastic features such as Sakura Fortune Respins, free spins, and a mystery nudge feature. These features align with Playtech casino’s strategy of ensuring real-time player engagement and maximising player retention. Licensees can not only identify players, but are able to offer custom incentives and rewards using a variety of innovative game and social tools.

The Achievements Engine powers six of the most popular recent Quickspin games and the great news is that more new and updated games, powered by the innovative, feature-rich, updated software engine, are on the way. Players can expect a revised version of the Quickspin favourite Goldilocks in July. Some of the amazing features which have been incorporated within the revised game include the “Multiplier Wild” symbol, which add a multiplier to the total win and act as a Wild symbol. If players collect all three Multiplier Wilds, they will enjoy a total of 4 times the win. Also, if players can collect 3 Scatter symbols, they will experience 10 free spins with the new “Bears Turn Wild” feature. Later in the summer, Leprechaun Hills and Sticky Bandits will be added and it is expected that players will be able to enjoy these games in August. So look out for these fantastic new games, which certainly offer players a far more fun and rewarding online game experience than ever before.